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Michael Baiculescu
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Cover: Die islamische Welt 1000 bis 1517

Peter Feldbauer, Gottfried Liedl
224 pages
Dimension 12,5 x 21
19.90 €
ISBN: 978385476-274-4

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Peter Feldbauer, Gottfried Liedl

The Islamic World 1000-1517. Economy. Society. Nation

The Islamic world experienced a flourishing of economy, state administration, military strength and culture until the crisis of the fourteenth century. This study shows that the evaluation of the Islamic world from the millennium to the early sixteenth century as a declining one is false. A special significance, therefore, had the running of an efficient agriculture and the control of the long-distance trade. From the Mediterranean to China, but also through the Sahara the traders went with their caravans, from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf numberless ships with European and Middle Eastern goods cleared the port to the Indian Ocean. Sometimes the period between 1250 and 1340 is also seen as a period with a pre-modern world system or of proto-globalisation.

The disastrous waves of plague in the fourteenth century ruptured together with various crises of economy and politic the fortunate development. Economical prosperity, national stability and military strength at the beginning of the sixteenth century impressively demonstrate how far away the final decline of the Islamic societies had been.