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Cover: Opportunity Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych
Opportunity Ukraine
320 Seiten
Format 15,3x24
19.90 € | 30.50 Chf
ISBN: 978385476-379-6
Erscheinungstermin August 2011

Viktor Yanukovych

Opportunity Ukraine

»This is a practical guide for prospective investors!«
This book is written for anyone eager to learn as much as possible about Ukraine, in order to believe in it: to believe in both Ukraine?s economic potential and its nationhood. OPPORTUNITY UKRAINE is not a memoir. It is a manifesto of deep belief in one?s motherland, a straight-from-the-heart declaration of a man with great responsibility for the present and the future of Ukraine, and its people. This book is a vision of the President of Ukraine on the existing ­situation and the urgent necessity for reform including issues of restoration of confidence in the state, European orientation, and new challenges and perspectives. Understandably, the book does not offer a miracle solution for Ukraine´s obstacles, but the author is honest and sincere with his readers in offering them deep insider analysis of the nation?s situa­tion, and in offering his advice.
Two major chapters are dedicated to describing Ukraine as a unique place for investment and as a country of inexhaustible economic potential. This is a practical guide for prospective investors! Naturally, those who come to Ukraine first will reap the most benefits. Readers will be enticed by the author?s genuine and straightforward manner, his sharing of his dreams for his country, and his opposition to populism.