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Welcome to our Foreign Rights Department. Mandelbaum publishes mainly non-fiction books as well as illustrated books.
In the following list you will find a range of titles from our program. If you are interested in any of these books, please let us know and we will send you a reading copy.
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Michael Baiculescu
email: baiculescu (at) mandelbaum.at

Cover: Goldsteins Geständnis

Friedrich Strassegger
328 pages
Dimension 12,5 x 21
22.90 € | 34.90 Chf
ISBN: 978385476-287-4

Friedrich Strassegger

Friedrich Strassegger, 1950 in Mixnitz, Obersteiermark, geboren, hat sich lange Jahre im Ausland aufgehalten, war Gerichtsberichterstatter einer Tageszeitung und stieg in den siebziger Jahren erfolgreich in das Steinmetzgewerbe ein. Strassegger lebt als freier Autor in Spanien und in Graz.

Friedrich Strassegger was born in 1950 in Styria (Austria). He lived abroad many years, worked as a journalist for a daily and started a successful business as chiseller in the 70´s. Strassegger lives now as a freelance writer in Spain and Austria.